about dimsiDimsi Investimenti e Turismo has been operating for over 33 years in the incoming tour operating in Sicily; it offers consulting services which make the company an ideal partner between demands and best professionals of the area.
Nowadays tourism is one of the best economy area in terms of revenue, featuring a very dynamic demand and a request of highly complex facilities.

Dimsi Investimenti e turismo is the perfect commercial partner to maximize the added value of each business, from the start-up phase to its realization and launch.

High expertise regarding investment and consulting allows Dimsi to value every business start-up, also in the tourism area, orienting towards the identification of innovative real estate partners and new business development in Sicily.

Dimsi Investimenti e Turismo focuses on companies’ competitiveness able to look with determination to the market, considering the weakness, providing a complete range of tourism skills. The mission is to offer its own contribution to a wider upgrading of Sicilian tourism real estate products, for those potential entrepreneurs who want to invest in the industry. [privacyplink]

Dimsi Investimenti e Turismo’s team provides best services to its customers to support in achieving their business goals, thanks to some key factors:

  • Knowledge of the territory
  • Quality services, aimed at developing many types of tourism
  • Satisfying customer needs
  • Experience and expertise of an organized corporate management


Since its establishment in 1985, Dimsi business idea focused on a deep awareness; the great potential of Sicilian area, in which it operates and believes.