Since its establishment in 1985, Dimsi business idea focused on a deep awareness; the great potential of Sicilian area, in which it operates and believes.

The core business is tour operating and hospitality industry; with Dimensione Sicilia and also Sicilian Secrets, its trademarks, Dimsi entrusts to a specialized incoming tour operator the distribution and selling of Sicilian destinations, supporting its development with quality facilities and skilled professionals in tourism area.

In 1995 Dimsi extended its business focusing on management and trade of hospitality properties located in Sicily.
The aim was to offer its own contribution to a large upgrade hospitality trade in the island, looking for those potential entrepreneurs who wanted to invest in this business. This generated satisfying results in the local hotellerie reality: the Group followed the launch and management of 12 hotels, both business or leisure oriented, strategically located in the main Sicily tourism locations, with more than 2800 accomodations and about 1300 rooms. Each new takeover has been associated with economic, planning and investments and a high improvement of quality standards.

Following the evolution of the tourism area, with a careful phase of economic-financial evaluations, in the next decade Dimsi gradually dropped out hotels’ direct management, expanding its business towards consulting services for those company who needed support in the definition or reorganization of processes’ production. Dimsi focuses today on the tourism advisory, to plan advanced hotel facilities, researching new hospitality concepts which meet the needs of next generations of tourists.