Dimsi Investimenti e Turismo develops specialist consultancies for hospitality trade, providing assistance and promoting a new management model, that allows to overtake classic obstacles to revenue results.

The aim is to realize new types of investments in the tourism and hotel trade; we upgrade business models for leisure and business properties to meet every customers’ needs, focusing on high facilities, design and affordable rates.

Dimsi Investimenti e Turismo offers its high skilled experience in consulting and advisory, in order to guarantee strategic support in the management of hotel facilities. Our services focus on the whole real estate tourism trade, for resorts, mid-range and budget hotels. Thanks to its deep knowledge, Dimsi provides costumers the basic information to forecast opportunities, get the competitive advantage, to accomplish the best real estate strategies, assisting in the different decision-making process.

Assistance to sales or lease/rent

Dimsi Investimenti e Turismo assists sale or rent processes – for hoteliers who want to put the property on the market, to develop landowner or managers projects – during all the negotiation phases.


The acquisition consulting provides investors to take hotel over, real estates, building areas for tourism or property to be renovated for hotel use. Thanks to our deep knowledge of tourism demand, we are able to respond to owners’ expectations, advising them in their strategic choices to optimize their decisions and to find the best solutions.

Properties revaluation

The deep knowledge in the hotelier management allow us to advise the client on the best opportunities on the market in relation to the achievable performances. We help clients make customized decision, as well as consulting on management or improving the real estate position on the market, according their business and performance goals.